Sunday, 13 May 2012

Music Diary 2012 - Day 7

The final day of this year's music diary and whilst I've run out of steam a little trying to think of interesting things to say I've enjoyed the insight tracking my actual music listening has brought. I think it has reflected a pretty average week for me, but if time allows I hope to do a summary post to explore exactly how I got on.

Sunday's have a fairly regular routine at Chez Top Five. Mrs takes the boys out to skif whilst I crack on with some jobs and cook the roast dinner. From 10 until 12 the Cerys Matthews 6music show soundtracked my day (listening variously from the TV upstairs, the radio in the kitchen and the TV in the front room). I was in and out so didn't catch the whole show but the following tracks were the tunes that got my attention. Cerys' show is a fabulously eclectic mix and the perfect soundtrack to a Sunday morning.
"Dust My Broom" Elmore James
"The Way It Goes" Gillian Welch
"The Bravest Man In The Universe" Bobby Womack
"Young Man In America" (Live) Anaïs Mitchell
"Coming Down" (Live) Anaïs Mitchell
"Gloom" Don Cavalli
"Mistreated" The Groundhogs
"Bubble Sex" Tommy Seebach

Around 11.30, with the roast well under way, I had a brief break from the radio to practice the three pathetic chords (D, A & G) I know on my guitar. I've been trying to progress from musical duncehood to being able to play at least one tune. I've selected "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedance Clearwater Revival as the ideal starer song but have been making slow progress.

Once Cerys' show was done I turned the radio off and brought up Spotify on the PC. I played The Gun Club's debut album "Fire of Love" a recent discovery thanks to Marc Riley and The Jim Jones Revue. I'd been vaugely aware of them and Jeffery Lee Pierce for some time but wish I'd made the effort to try them out a lot sooner.
Sex Beat
Preaching the Blues
Promise Me
She's Like Heroin to Me
For the Love of Ivy
Fire Spirit
Ghost on the Highway
Jack on Fire
Black Train
Cool Drink of Water
Goodbye Johnny

In places Pierce's vocals remind me a lot of Frank Black's and this prompted me to play something by the Pixies. I didn't have long before dinner was due so went with their debut E.P. "Come on Pilgrim" and throughly enjoyed hearing an old favourite by a band that had a huge impact on my taste in music.
Isla de Encanta
Ed Is Dead
The Holiday Song
Nimrod's Son
I've Been Tired
Levitate Me

That may well be it for the day. We ate a hearty roast dinner (if I do say so myself), went for a walk afterwards down to Shepperton Lock and back, arrived home in time to marvel at the drama of the last few minutes of this season's premier league, put together a bedside cabinet from IKEA, got everything ready for work and school, and then collapsed on the sofa to finish my book ("Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" as you asked).

It's now 10:20 and I suspect I won't listen to anymore music. Match of the Day starts in 10 minutes and I'll have to watch that before slipping into bed and starting another week all over again.


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