Sunday, 22 March 2020

Chop’s Journal - 22 Mar 2020

A pretty weird week as it really sinks in how serious the Covid-19 pandemic is. We’re getting to grips with living our lives in a different way, trying to decipher the often contradictory Government advice but it’s almost stranger how normal everything seems when you do leave the house. 


Gutted to get the inevitable cancellation notification for the upcoming Cable Ties gigs but this latest release from the upcoming album is really great. 

Hope - Cable Ties

Music I’m enjoying

Really been hammering the Porridge Radio album. It’s better than I expected and I’ve loved them live so really pleased to find that translates so well. I’ve also been enjoying the latest Islet album. I think I saw them live around 5 or 6 years ago and remembered them making a positive impression then so it’s great to find them making great music still. 

Other notes

Books: Second book of the year read in less than a week. After Circe I picked out a few books I figured I could get through in a hurry and Don’t You Leave Me Here by Wilko Johnson was just what I needed.

Wilko’s voice & character comes shining through. A really enjoyable read that gave me an insight to the years I knew a bit about (Dr Feelgood & his recent solo success) but really came into its own when talking about his love for his wife, Irene, and his remarkable brush with seemingly terminal cancer. A true original.

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